Orchestrator ommunity edition and unattended bot


I’m using the 2019.10.4 community edition studio and robot connected with the community cloud orchestrator.
I need to use the queue based trigger, and in this post (Cloud Platform: New version of Orchestrator Cloud) regarding the latest update of community orchestrator UiPath states that

Starting with this version, you will no longer be able to start jobs or create triggers from Orchestrator on a Robot of type Studio or StudioX. In order to start processes from Orchestrator , you should use an Unattended Robot . Each Community account has 1 Unattended Robot included.

This means that I have to use an unattended bot, and it should be included in the community edition as per the above “official” statement.
The problem is that it looks like I don’t have any unattended licence available, in fact in my orchestrator tenant license page I read that I have zero unattended licenses available. How is that possible? Why they say that “Each Community account has 1 Unattended Robot included” but I don’t have one?



Could you please go to Services page in cloud Orchestrator and allocate Unattended license to the BOT.

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If you are not sure how to allocate your licenses in the Cloud Portal (https://cloud.uipath.com/) to your Orchestrator Service instance, please review the following documentation


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