Unattanded robots allocation

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I have activated enterprise trial license and I want to run multiple processes on different machines using my 5 available unattended bots. Can you guide about this process as I have one template machine and see no option of adding local user
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Check below for your reference

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Checked that but that didnt help. I have multiple bots and I am trying to fix one bot with each machine but unable to find steps to do so

There are two problems that I am facing right now
1- when I try to assign multiple licenses to template machine, error pops up that you cannot give more then one license. An obvious solution is to make as many templates as machines. Is it best approach?
2- I am not seeing option of adding local user in users. How can I add a local user for unattended robots
@ppr @RPAForEveryone @loginerror @MVP2021 [@prasath_S]

You should certainly be able to assign as many runtimes as you want:

This might come from the fact that on Automation Cloud level your Orchestrator service does not have all unattended licenses assigned. Please double check that.

For now, and this is the simplest way, you will simply have to invite a dummy email address to your Automation Cloud (you don’t even have to confirm it). This will enable you to configure that user unattended settings and go from there.
Naturally, this can already be extended with our AD support, but it should already be enough for testing things out.

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