User pick Excel file

I have a process that will be using an Excel File to run , and I want to have an activity at the very first to ask the user to pick which excel file should be executed. and this path will passed to the Excel App Scope as a String variable

Please help if there is a ready to use activity or a workaround

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yah thats possible
use INPUT DIALOG activity and ask the user for excel file name with file extension .xlsx
–we get the output from the input dialog box as a string variable
named out_filename

–if we have the excel file in our project folder itself then we can directly mention that file name in the excel application scope between double quotes
–if we have in different folder then we need to mention the folder path and concatenate the input we obtained from user like this

For more detail on input dialog activity

hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @talssagh09

It doesn’t work. The error message is "Value of type ‘String’ can not be converted to “UiPath.Excel.Workbook.Application”. Could you show the details if it works for you?

Please put message box actitvity after Input Dialog and send us the screenshot of what is displaying in message box

There is a select file activity for this. The output variable you can pass to your excel application scope