Don't Select File Excel

Don’t Select File Excel.
Where did I do wrong? Please tell me.

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Hi @BoBou_JunG Welcome To UiPath Community
Whats Error You are getting?

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We need to mention the file path in the excel application scope or as you have used a variable we that variable to have the excel file Latha as a string


When i start to open the file but excel does not work

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Kindly mention the path of the excel file directly to the excel application scope and try once

Cheers @BoBou_JunG

Make Sure You are Selecting right file when you are using Select File Activity. one More thing Inside the Excel Application Scope Use Some Other Activities Like Write Cell It will help you to know whether its working or not because when you use Excel Application Scope It Opens File And Then close it After the execution.
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Am I doing this correctly?

Hi @BoBou_JunG,
May be it’s working fine, just because you’re doing nothing in excel application scope, it closing that file. (very fast)
If you want to keep open that, I’ll suggest you to make use of Start Process activity and pass that variable in it.

like this —>

@BoBou_JunG Press shift and right click on file and choose copy as path and in work book path properties do control v

If I can change to something else ?
But it’s not work



Enter the default value(Address of the folder which you want to read) for the “sselectfiles” variables.

@BoBou_JunG Can you specify why you are using select file activity

I want to choose to open the file that I want. To make the report automatically and each time will not be the same.

I don’t know what to do. Please explain to me.

dude @BoBou_JunG , for that you can use Select File and Start Process as i shown in below shot,

Main.xaml (4.1 KB)

I can’t open the file you sent.

For me the first sequence works just fine.

I’ve added a Read Range activity and a Write Line activity just to make sure that it does something with the file and it works.

Okay then,
follow these steps:

  1. take select file activity from activity panel in sequence
    like this —> image
  2. press ctrl + k in output parameter (highlighted) of that activity. and give it a name

like this —> image
3. take Start Process activity and place it after select file activity. and pass that variable in it
like this —>image
4. now run the workflow. and select file when execution ask you to select file.

thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face: