Use Excel File (Excel Application Card)

I am using Use Excel file activity under the scope of Excel process scope
I am giving input sources as a variable(File path as string), it is not working as shows error as “Excel File path is empty or not set” but same i am copying and pasting in diffrert workflow it is working.

Pls help

i guess you probably trying to use window in application card , so for that if you using excel application scope just try to activate window first then indicate in application card

step 1 process=process.start(“filepath”)

step 2 activate window

step 3 indcate on application card

Hello @km81

Please check whether the file exists or not. Better you can check the variable values in the debug mode during execution.

Also do you want to open the excel? Then you can direclty use Use Excel ativity and inside that you can use all other excel acitivties.

Where exactly window u r mentioning about, I am not understanding pls help

Excel file exist, as i am doing some VLOOKUP operation and using Use Excel File for pivot charts

@km81 ARe you doing these steps in the same process? Just print the variable which holds the file path in a message box if you are not sure ab out finding the variable value during debugging.

Also it would be better if you can share the screenshot of the workflow.

Thx @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I can go with your idea, i am sorry i can’t share any screenshots.

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