Use Outlook Account - sending from a different email


I am trying to send emails from an Outlook account which is not my default. It does not show up in the “Account” drop down menu in the “Use Outlook Account” card.

In the properties tab, I modified the Account manually to the email address I wished to use. When running the automation, the emails were still being drafted from my default account.

Any idea as to the potential issue? The second email address which I am trying to draft emails from is one that multiple people have access to (it is not a contact group, but a single email address that multiple people have access to).

Screenshots for reference:

My regular email account and “Default” were the only items that showed up in the Account drop down:


In the Properties field, I modified the account to the one I wanted to draft emails from with the automation:

All emails are still being drafted from my regular/named email account.

UiPath version - StudioX 2020.4.1-beta.22 - 5/11/2020
Outlook version - Outlook 2013 (15.0.5233.1000)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Hi @Chris_Monfasani

Please try using send exchange mail activity
default server is

and provide the username and password of outlook account in activity. Its more reliable than send outlook mail message.

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  1. The dataset for the email has a different name than the account?
  2. Is office activated?

Could you please open package manager and tell us what mail version are you using see below

Turns out the account I wanted to use is not a standard MS account as it is utilized by multiple people. Access is granted through the back-end and noone actually logs into the account. As such, I do not believe I am able to utilize it through StudioX.

Thank you for the suggesstions

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I am using Studio X and using the Outlook Account and want to send from different emails. i have used an excel file that populate a word template to send out various emails based, Is it possible to create some kind of variable or data field that will let me populate the Outlook account that sends the email?