Outlook Send Email Not Working - Studio X

Something went wrong with Outlook.
Activity Send Outlook Email (Send Mail X) failed:

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: address

just to make sure:
send email is inside a outlook card and in excel file GetEmailAddress Sheet1 cell D2 you have written a email address?
on the outlook card you have a a drop down with [default email account] and then the email account itself?

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I was originally getting the email from excel, but have since changed it and just entered the email address. see screen shot on current script.

The message at the top says Last run successful but I did not receive an email at the hotmail.com email address.

In the “To” field you need to have only your email address ( ndf...@hotmail.com). Please remove SelectedMail

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also check your draft folder since Send Mail by default saves to draft until uncheck the option from the activity

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Does the dropdown on your outlook card is working? is it showing something else than the “default” ?

Hi Mircea,

Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. I will make the changes and try it again. Have an amazing day.


The field with “default…” does not have a drop down.

Hi there - anyone have any pointers on where I might look next to try and resolve the issue I am having
with outlook/stuidoX. Note, the Account drop down does not include anything other than default email account.

what office version do you use?
in the outlook cient do you have a different name for the account ? like “work” or “personal” or something like this?