Trouble connecting to Outlook

Hello. I am in trouble with Outlook to send email. how to setup my account to send email?

Hi @Luiz_C_Fonseca, the Use Outlook Desktop App resource will automatically use the default email address you’re connected with in your Outlook Desktop app.

If you are using Outlook 365 instead, use the Use Outlook 365 resource, and connect to your account.

Hi Bianca. I watched a video talking about outlook automation with studioX . I attached a picture to show that i do not have 2 items in my studiox. I am wasting time dealing with studiox instead to understanding the exercise.

You might be using an older version of StudioX. You have the Use Outlook Account resource. Use that one. It will connect to your default email address used.

thank you for your time. I think I am not able to explain my problem. did you see the picture? I am not found where I can connect with outlook

The screenshot is a bit unclear. But, drag the Use Outlook Account activity inside the Designer panel. The connection should be made automatically (without any input from your side) as long as you are connected in the Desktop app.

I used your screenshot:

I do not have this option in my studiox

this is my studiox view

Ah, got it! You are using the right activity. Your project looks correct. Do you get any errors when running the project?
Now you just have to add the Send email activity inside the Outlook activity.

Context on why it looks different: In the meantime, StudioX got an upgrade, so in the videos we have the old interface. Also, some activities changed their names. We’ll update this course in the first quarter of next year.