It’s very urgent to ask this.

I’ve submitted my assignment and it was working absolutely fine. I don’t know what went wrong.
what I’m worry about,
I was using asset from my orchestrator for login details.
like email, password.

did that affect that?

I wanna show you my result.

Please tell me what did go wrong as It was working absolutely fine. I ran 3-4 times before uploading.
As attempts are only 3. 1 already gone.

Thank you in advanced.

okay I’ll check that right now.

Yes I have checked the hash is correct as I have checked that doing manually also. There’s something wrong, I’m not getting

Also check the status in the website. Is it shows completed or not ?


First of all can anyone please how the evaluation is going on?

do I have to upload when my items have been compeleted … or I have to reset first to all open and then upload my project?

can anyone please tell the process of evaluation?


Assignment diploma should be fairly easy. I dont think they ‘mandate’ and REF or enforce best practices except for external certification (certificate.uiapth.com)

Just check whether your WI4 or WI5 assignments are status are completed with the correct hash key or not. I am sure there is something wrong with that itself.

You have to upload when your items have been completed otherwise it will mark as incomplete assignment…

1 question. If items have been completed. Then how they’ll check whether the hash is correct or not?

what is the use of script then ? because script had already put the hash as comment in each WI5 items.

Please let me know quickly, I want to go for 2nd assignment also. it’s blocked right now.

I am not sure about this but i have submitted my assignment after the completion of the status for each WI5 items and prefer screen record method instead of submitting ur zip file.

It should be completed with the correct hash which is checked automatically by the bot.