Issue in assignment


I have submitted assignment on thursday. Today I saw result. It is showing 0 out of 100. Workitems are in completed status. I have not reset anything.
Need help on this

you would have got the evaluation as well buddy
kindly check that once on how may workitems were updated correctly
Cheers @AravindS

I checked in acme site. All the workitems are in completed status in acme site

Is there any other procedure to upload assignment. Or procedure is the same

same, may i know what was mentioned in evaluation

Will share the screenshot

Have shared the screenshot

it seems like the items were not updated correctly buddy
kindly recheck once with the process and test it pls
validate the result as in PDD
you were almost done

I already ran several times before uploading. Calculate client security hash status got updated to completed successfully. So while uploading I have not reset any test data. If you want I will share the acme site screenshots

though it got updated the data updated might be wrong,
check that once

How do I check? Only calculate client security hash got updated to completed successfully. I have shared screenshots in acme site

All are in completed status.

17 workitems are in completed status only. W15 type. I havent reset anything


Please check if the hash code generated is correct. The Client ID-Client Name-Client Country used to generate the Hash Key should not have any leading or trailing spaces. Trim(Client ID)-Trim(Client Name)-Trim(Client Country) should be enetered in the SHA1 to generate the hash key and this hash key should be uploaded in the Update Work Item - Comments section and then marked as Complete.

Please ensure all these steps are carried out correctly.

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