How to submit assignment no1 in advanced training?

Hi folks.

I just wonder how should I submit the assignment no 1 correctly?

What I did was first published the package and ran the job in Orchestator successfully, and then I uploaded the zip file of the parent folder containing everything of the framework, and then I checked all WI5 items are indeed updated correctly. However, my assignment evaluation shows 0/100 :frowning:

A complete step by step guide will be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!


Could you please check the assignment evaluation result and then will get to know where it got failed.

And also check one more thing at the time of entering Client details in SHA site to generate hash code like is there any space in between client details. I saw many people did mistake here.

Hi @Chenyu86

Ok fine. So just follow simple steps:

  1. Before submitting the folder, first reset your test data.
  2. Run your code one more time and check if it works.
  3. Upload zip of your code to the academy.
  4. Don’t work on queues or on test data until your code is evaluated.


Hi @ShenkiSinghai

Thanks for your reply. I followed your instruction and re-submitted the assignment, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

The instructor comments is “Total Items: 20 Completed Items: 20 Correct Items: 0”, but I checked all WI5 items are updated correctly.

I even submitted a video recording the other day, but no luck also…

Hi @lakshman

The instructor comment says “Total Items: 20 Completed Items: 20 Correct Items: 0”. As far as I can see, all WI5 items are updated with hashcode and completed status, and no space in between client details.

I wonder where else can I possibly make mistakes.


Could you show me screenshot of how BOT is entering Client details in SHA site and so that I can check and help you.

Agreed with @lakshman

Next possible issue may occur because of entering incorrect hash code and updating workitems.

Please share the screenshot how you are fetching hash code.

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some of the possible cause i can see is

  1. academy account and Acme both should have same email id account
  2. after reset is done bot needs to be run then verify manually
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Hi @lakshman @ShenkiSinghai @Prafull_B

I did a step-by-step check, and I figured that even though I didn’t add any space when combining client details the client name started with a space that I previously didn’t notice. After revising string parsing I passed the evalution. Thank you very much for your prompt reply and kind help!


Happy to help you. Happy Automation :grinning:.

Congrats bro @Chenyu86

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