Unable to complete assignment 1

Hi all,

I have an issue with my assignment evaluation for assignment 1 (Client Security Hash). It works without any issue on my computer, but I keep getting a 0/100 with the mention 0 item completed.
I have checked the work items, and indeed they are still open, no update.
So I have to assume that it somehow won’t start on the instructors’ systems, but I have no idea why.

Would any one have an idea, please?

After writing the hash code in the comment box in “Update work item” did you change the status as completed??

Yes. And it does appear as completed when I run it.

my question- Is the bot really updating the work item, if yes just check for the pop up which you get after updating the workitem using element exists activity.

If you have used the element exists activity and still facing the same problem, attach the screenshot of your workflow so that I can clearly look in to the problem.

Ok, so I have accidentally succeeded by resubmitting my latest attempt with no changes. I’m not sure what happened.

Thank you for your solution, though. I will try it if I face the same issue with the second assignment.

Great, when your trying to confirm the process always try using element exists activity to confirm the completion.