Uploaded Assignment-1 is failed



I am done with Assignment-1 in Advanced training course, and upload it on advanced training.
After some time of evaluating the uploaded file, the result is come “0/100”.
want to know the reason of failed??
And also what is the passing marks in evaluating script???

Is there any solution for this???


Hi @sams,

You need to do test data refresh and assignment execution on a same day.
Then you should upload the assignment also on the same day. Then only it will get pass if your assignment works well.



Thanks for replying,
I had done successfully script yesterday evening and upload it in the morning.
I had tried that reset all work items from acme site, and re-run script for “WI5 Status Completed”. and re-upload for evaluating.
Once again it failed.

Pls help me soon to solve assignment-1.



Step1: Reset-test-data in the https://www.acme-test.com/
Step2: Then run your workflow
Stpe3: Upload the assignment

It should work for you, otherwise check whether all W15 are in completed status.


Hi @sarathi125,
I followed your steps, and also checked WI5 status are completed.
But, same result is there “0/100”:persevere:

Any other solution for this??



Your username for both academy and Acme-test portal are the same right?


username are same for both portal.


May be check on this as well. ClientID-Client(only here you can get space)Name-ClientCountry. Check this and let me know.


Hi @sarathi125,
There is no space in client name from starting string to ending string.