How does the evaluation process work? Level 3, Assignment 1



Could you please explain me how the evaluation and grading process works? I ran my project, it worked fine. I uploaded the zip folder to the website and waited for the evaluation. It had no any results and I decided to reset my test data and run it again. Everything worked fine but still no any results. Could you please provide me with a step-by-step guide of how I should correctly upload it? I feel like I did something wrong


Hey @MGMKLML, As per my understanding and guideline mentioned in academy, after uploading and submitted assignment you should not reset data but make sure prior to upload it all the work items has been processed successfully and status for all WI5 work items changed to ‘Completed’ with their respective correct hash id as a comments.

Academy should take 5-10 mins to complete their evaluation but sometime it takes 1-2 days too (as per past post in forum).

P.S: Today, I also uploaded assignment 1 and it showing ‘Waiting for evaluation’ status. Will keep you update once I get update on my assignment… :slight_smile:



@NavneetPanpaliya, thank you :slight_smile: Meh, I reset the data and evaluated again :frowning: Seems another day wasted.


@MGMKLML You reset data after uploading assignment which will not process and you will be fail :frowning: So you have to wait for result and then take action accordingly.


@NavneetPanpaliya Again, so I need to run it before uploading and then upload and run away waiting for the confirmation from their side?


Yes, you have to run it before uploading it and make sure all work items of WI5 marked as completed. If this done then only you need to upload your assignment… Refer below screen print.


I also tried this solution but it did not fixed my issue so you can try, it may fix your issue :slight_smile:

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@NavneetPanpaliya, Yeah, thank you. I saw this sentence with not resetting your data but I misinterpreted the word “pending”… Meh.


Hey @MGMKLML, I got my result for Level 3 - Assignment 1 and I passed it :slight_smile: so you need to wait at least for 1 day to get your result. In case if you failed assignment then just run workflow again and submit it again after processing all the work items successfully and make sure you should not reset data after submitting your assignment :slight_smile:

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@NavneetPanpaliya, Yeah thank you but luckily I passed it as well this morning :slight_smile:


Hearty Congratulations @MGMKLML ! :bouquet::grinning: