Urgent - Excel Folder Permission is not allowing any files to Write or change data

I am using this invoke VBA activity by opening and reading
Excel file. There are folder permission which is not allowing any files to write and Save at the same folder. So, What can we use here ?

I want to avoid the step to save it in local folder and then move.

Can someone help here?

Thanks in advanced.

Get your ID mgmt team to grant the necessary permissions. Nothing in UiPath can overcome file/folder permissions.

I am using Invoke code for the update in excel. So, I am opening and reading Excel file .

Is there any way that I can use invoke Code method that way I don’t need to read write excel and it might allow to save?

If you don’t have the necessary permissions to the file/folder then no, nothing can write to it nor save. Save is a write.

Why are you using Invoke Code instead of Excel activities?

I want to create a table for the data available in a sheet. Data row count will be different all the time so, that’s why I am using invoke code .

The Excel activities handle that just fine. Read Range will read however many rows there are and put them into a datatable. It’s what the activities are for.

But, There I need to define range. I don’t know each of the time how many rows are there. so, I don’t know how to handle this ?

You don’t need to define the range. It’ll just read everything if you don’t define the range.

Yes, that I understand. But, If I want to create a table for that than ?

It creates the datatable for you.

Have you done the free UiPath training on their web site? It covers basics like this.

I did . I am not asking about data table. I am asking about table in Excel. I know the basics how to read excel and all.

You mean a Pivot Table?

Not Pivot, Just regular table .

You mean just write data to Excel? Write Range, Append Range, etc

Yes, I am using write wrange workbook activity. Just want to add a table for the data to looks nice and formatted.

Show me a screenshot of what your goal is.

See my Flow -

Getting data from SQL (Datatable)
Placing data into Excel using workbook activity on sharepoint.
Now see below. I want to get the data in the table.

You’re just talking about formatting.


yes, Formatting.

Any activity that will format the data without specifying data range?

I don’t know. I suggest reading the posts in the search link I gave you.