Create Pivot Table using invoke VBA activity in Uipath

Hi all,

Want some idea on the below scenario.

I have n number of excel files in one folder. For each excel file in that folder, I want to create pivot table.
For that, i took the first excel file of the folder and recorded the macros for the pivot table creation and saved the macros in a text file, so that can be used in the Invoke VBA activity under the excel application scope activity. So the Invoke VBA activity that has the macros in a text file works fine for only that particular first excel file of that folder.

But I want to make it work for all other excel files in the folder. Please help me out here !
Attached the sample xaml and also the macros recorded for the first excel file.

Pivot-1.txt (3.4 KB)

(upload://uc0jVqOFOfMwZPKRUHiO8D3sTJ7.xaml) (6.7 KB) for you reference.

Hirunyaa. RMain.xaml (6.7 KB)