How often do you use invoke code activity?

The question is given. I would be interested about how fast it is working and how much it is worth using?

Thanks in advance

I personally rarely use it, since there are often activities in UiPath which will do what I need done. There was one case, however, where I used it to clear all files in a directory in a single line, rather than using a For Each loop. Not really necessary, since there are activities to do this, but I did it for simplicity and to gain familiarity with using Invoke Code.

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It depends on projects, i mostly use it when working with pdf documents, i prefer writing my own Python code for table detection for example and then i would invoke that code into UiPath, i figured UiPath does not work well with Scanned Documents and most my clients can not afford an extra license for like ABBYY or something like that.

Again i use it when dealing with excel workbooks, i think the write range activity is very fragile interms of formatting and when working with excel fomulas and numbers with percentage characters and date, the write range is not always accurate, so i just write my VBA code in the excel sheet and use the invoke VBA code activity or execute macro to run the code in excel .

But its not always necessary its mostly just a personal preference i like writing my own code and than using UiPath activities, interms of speed obviously a macro on an excel file will run quicker than uipath datatable manipulate.


Hy @david_szabo,

If you use the invoke command too mcuch you should write custom activities.

UiPath has a lot of Activities, but there is always room for improvement.

I personnaly love VBA to work with Excel. I believe Excel activities are limited.
I also use SAP GUI Scripting to work with SAP, it is fast and does not time out.


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