Invoke UiPath activities within an Invoke Code block

Hi all

I need to invoke a a couple of UiPath activities within an Invoke Code activity.

Following the solution @vvaidya provided in this post,

I was able to write cell to a spreadsheet with this code. Works like a charm.

Dim writeCell1 As UiPath.Excel.Activities.WriteCell = New uipath.Excel.Activities.WriteCell
writeCell1.WorkbookPath = xlsxFile
writeCell1.SheetName = sheetName
writeCell1.Cell = cellReference
writeCell1.Text = cellValue
Dim activity1 As WorkflowInvoker = New WorkflowInvoker(writeCell1)

But when I tried the same with write range, I started running into errors. Following the same logic as above,

Dim writeRange1 As UiPath.Excel.Activities.WriteRange = New uipath.Excel.Activities.WriteRange
writeRange1.WorkbookPath = xlsxFile
writeRange1.SheetName = sheetName
writeRange1.AddHeaders = useHeaders   'boolean'
writeRange1.StartingCell = anchorCell
writeRange1.DataTable = myDatatable   'datatable'
Dim activity1 As WorkflowInvoker = New WorkflowInvoker(writeRange1)

I get the following error:

’Literal’: Literal only supports value types and the immutable type System.String. The type System.Data.DataTable cannot be used as a literal.

I understand that for write range differs from write cell as write cell has only string data types and write range includes datatable and boolean types. I know it has to do with passing the datatable and boolean as literals but a day of googling has got me nowhere.

Would someone please give me a hand? :slight_smile:



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