Write range activity not working

I have been trying to write a data table in a certain range to a sheet that has data in it.The write range activity stops processing and goes on running till forcefully killed.
Note: I am trying to write to a range without having excel installed on my system.

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use workbook activities if you dont have excel installed.

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Hi @Sajal_Bansal ,

You need to have an “Excel Application” installed in your PC while automating through UIPath.
If your are using “Write Range” activity inside an “Excel Application Scope” you should have an “Excel App” belongs to “Microsoft”.
If your are using “Write Range” activity from “WorkBook” then any “Excel Application” is necessary to open “excel sheet”.


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If excel is not installed I hope you would have used workbook activities

So are we trying append the data or trying to insert a new data
Kindly use KILL PROCESS ACTIVITY next to the write range activity and mention the ProcessName property as “EXCEL”

Cheers @Sajal_Bansal

Hi vishal.kp, I am using those only, but the write range doesn’t work on an already filled excel sheet. I just need to append datatable from a range of A14 to L 14, rest of the data is to be left unaltered.

Hi @Palaniyappan, I am writing some new data to the excel sheet in a decided range. The data table is correctly populated, and writes to a new file but unable to alter the existing file

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Hi @Sajal_Bansal
Why dont you try merge datatable and based on that you can give write range in the last

Ashwin S

Can you share your workflow sample with excel

While trying to write to already existing file and if we are trying append it then use APPEND RANGE a activity from Workbook activity

Cheers @Sajal_Bansal

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