Error FTP folder Move


Trying to upload and download folder from ftp Getting below error while Publish

UiPath Version : 2019.8 UiPath Community

Please suggest

Well the FTP activity/ package of activities have been deprecated from the version 2018.2 so try downloading from the following link whcih is open source - GitHub - UiPath/Community.Activities: Repository of Windows Workflow Foundation Activities for UiPath Community

Also, check your vpn/net connection and get back if issues still persist.

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Thanks but what are the steps to update or link the github Link with UiPath

Hi @abhiseky93

Could you give this project a go?

I made it once to showcase the FTP activity package.

I think all you would need to do to fix your project is to add a namespace UiPath.FTP in the Imports pane.

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Thanks mate

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Can i use the same source code to upload folder ?

Please try and see, as I’m not sure :thinking:

If you specify the folder path as source and the folder path as target, it should create a new folder if the activity pack is smart enough. If it will throw an error, it means that it might not have been implemented.

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Thanks mate it worked

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