Upload File using action center

Hi All ,
I want to ask user to upload a file using action center , how can I do that ?

Same Question here.

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Hi @FarahEtmeh & @fasilend
We are working on file uploads in forms and it should be available soon.
Will post here when the feature is available to use in the community edition.


I want to upload file in Action center form and then Robot will read this file to do next step. Can we do that?

Yes, this is possible with the latest update of Action Center on Automation cloud . We will be adding a forum post today with sample workflows

Please check out this post for example workflow for enabling file upload in actions forms New Action Center on Automation Cloud is GA now

Hi @Liji ,
I am trying to upload a file to action center , but when I select the file the following message appear “Storage provider not found” , I already have added storage setting to create task activity , Please note that I am using classical folder .

Hi @FarahEtmeh, ideally that’s all it takes to mention the storage bucket name and I am hoping that you have a storage bucket with name ‘Procurement’ in the mentioned folder . By the way, the variable data type corresponding to a file upload control should be StorageUploads (use latest persistence package to get this type) Is there a sample workflow that you could share with us ?
cc @VikneshrajSP

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Thanks Liji ,
yes I have a storage bucket with name ‘Procurement’ in the “Default” folder.
I attach some screen shots and the workflow.

Storage_Sample.zip (22.4 KB)

Hi @FarahEtmeh,
From the screenshot, it looks like you are trying to use this file upload feature in Orchestrator.
We only support file uploads in Action Center and not in Orchestrator Actions.
If you go to ActionCenter, you should be able to upload files from there with the same action.

Really !!
But This topic told that it’s available in Action center , and provide a sample but the sample doesn’t work :

Hi @FarahEtmeh , this post is about new Action Center on Automation cloud where we have added these features ( and going forward, all new features will be exposed only in new Action Center outside of Orchestrator). We have also released standalone Action Center portal on-premise.

Are you testing on-premise or on Automation cloud ?