Error when using File component to upload to an Action Center Task

I’m trying to set up an Action Center task to accept a file uploaded by a user. I have followed the tutorial here and have my activities set up as described.

Within the Form Data I have a StorageUploads output argument set:

The form itself correctly references the Form Data argument as its Field Key:

The task itself runs as expect, and renders fine:

However, when I try to attach a file to the component, the following error displays:

Does anyone have a clue what I could be doing wrong for this?

Hi @Mark.Edgeller

Check this video

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N

You do not appear to have read my post fully. I am asking how to upload a file to action center, not display one from a storage bucket.

Hi @Mark.Edgeller ,

I did try to test this on my end as well. It did seem to work.

Could you provide us with the Screenshot of the Properties Panel of Create Form Task Activity ?
Also, Check if you have the necessary permissions to Edit the Storage Buckets.


Did you happen to do these steps?


Investigating this further with our support team, and it seems to be some sort of configuration error on the Orchestrator side. The OPTIONS endpoint is refusing connections for some reason.