New Action Center released for On-Premise Deployments

Action Center standalone user interface outside of Orchestrator, tailor built for business users to trigger automations as well as handle tasks created by Robots is now available for on-premise deployments.

Action Center can be installed on a separate server or same server as Orchestrator (in the latter case, allocate a separate port than the port used by Orchestrator). The authentication and authorization aspects are managed through a corresponding Identity server instance and Orchestrator instance as provided during Action Center installation procedure.

Version and release: Action Center versioned as v20.10, will be an LTS release in the year 2020

Compatibility with Orchestrator : Customers who have been using ‘Actions’ within Orchestrator does not have to perform any additional steps than installing Action Center pointing to an existing Orchestrator instance (after upgrading to 20.10). All the existing actions will be reflected to end users in the new Action Center portal as per the access control defined in a corresponding Orchestrator tenant.

Actions user interface within Orchestrator will continue to be supported until the next future on-premise release. However, it is highly recommended to route your users to new Action Center interface for better user experience and for all the net new features in future .

Supported Topologies

Single Node Scenarios

  • Action Center running on same server as orchestrator (different port)
  • Action Center running on a single node server pointing to a separate single node Orchestrator instance

Multi Node Scenarios

  • Multi node orchestrator behind load balancer and single Action Center instance installed on different server pointing to Orchestrator load balancer URL
  • Multi node orchestrator behind load balancer; Action Center installed on all orchestrator nodes each pointing to Orchestrator load balancer URL; business users exposed to load balanced Action Center URL

Accessing Action Center On-Premise

Business users can bookmark Action Center URL where they would use the credentials to login to a particular tenant through UiPath identity server and then will land in the Actions URL by default https://actioncenterbaseurl/actions/ and they will be able to navigate to https://actioncenterbaseurl/processes/ from the left rail to switch between actions to handle and processes to trigger

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Release Notes

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Isn’t a license needed?

license handling is done through corresponding Orchestrator instance. This installable can work against enterprise or trial instances of Orchestrator where Actions are enabled.