How to upload a excel file to get approval from user

Hi Guys !!

Using Action Center, I have to send a excel file to user for approval, once he approved i have to proceed further. how to upload a excel file in action center. I tried but i able to find way in which we have to use data grid in action center, but i have to send the whole file to user. is it possible ?

Help me to solve this.

Thnaks in Advance

Hey @mohamedalthaf,

You might have to use the storage bucket along with the action center.


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@Sanjit_Pal I tried this but i got error while displaying the excel in action center. it is showing that “selected tenant does exist”
can u help me in this?

hi need some clarity here. what’s your workflow like? Is your input document an excel file and you need to validate in action center?

Hi @sharon.palawandram

Yes. My input file is Excel & I need to upload it instead of using data grid component from create form task activity. is there any other way?