Unreliable Check/Type Into Activity

Hey guys,

i have the following Problem:
Sometimes my Type Into Activity types into a Field and after I execute another activity, all the content gets erased. This also happened with the check activity on a different field.

I tried to change the property of the subsequent activity to “simulate type” other Properties are default, but it didn’t work.

Due to Brackets I can not use SendWindowMessages and had to stick to SimulatType

did we try with copy paste like pass the same string input to activity SET TO CLIPBOARD
and use SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as ctrl+v so that it will paste that value from clipboard to that field
Cheers @LennartM


This happened to me on crappy websites that had some ajax validation behind. Try as @Palaniyappan suggested to put the text in clipboard, click the element and send Ctrl+V. Eventually between click and Ctrl+V add a small delay (1-2s)



You can use Set Text activity.

Sivasankar S


Sometimes, not always. Some websites are really bad conceived…

Thanks, I will try out your tips and update this post in 2 hours.

The Target Application oddly is a C# desktop application and I had no problem with automating it so far.

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Alright I managed to get it functioning as intended.

Set Text didn’t work in this Situation, however Send Hotkey also didnt work at first. I added another Send Hotkey activity afterwards, pressing tab and this way the value finally got accepted by the interface.

Thanks a lot for the replies :slight_smile:

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