Type into error


i’m using type into activity on web page, and after that a send horkey (end).

but it does not work, i seems that the type into activity is stacking, the send hotkey work properly on other web pages

Hi abdel,

Try to use “Type Into” activity inside an “Attach Browser” activity. And validate the selector and try again.

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Hi visu,

I’m using it Inside attache browser.

i think i had to get out from the activity, i had used send hotkey “tab” but it did not work also

Hi abdel,

Can u pls share the screenshots of the browser.

Hey @abdel,

Is that an issue with typing the value inside that field or its just that the send hotkey doesn’t work.?

Rammohan B.

i think iit is a problem of type into, how to get out from tha activity after typing

the type into work but the hotkey does not

@abdel Type like this


Hey @abdel,

You can type as @indra mentioned in the above post. Also i see that you have indicated an element for the ‘Send Hotkey’ activity. Just add the ‘Send Hotkey’ activity without any selector or indicate that particular textbox itself.

Rammohan B.

While giving the values in TypeInto, you can click on “+” button to add the hotkeys “Enter”.
Also you can check by giving some value in DelayBetweenKeys in the properties pane.

Also please note that TypeInto activities are quite fast hence check the element first to appear completely before it types.

i had tryed both, but did not work
here si the config of the type into

Can u pls share the screenshot of the browser ?. So, that we could understand what u clearly need.

Hi @abdel,
you should use the direct keystroke instead of using send hotkey.
In type into activity type- “76400000” and then click to the “+” icon on the right side and select the enter option. and hope your problem will get resolved.