What happen Once if I selected of send window message and simulate type in type into activity ?

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If you want a process to take place in background, ie, you do not want to lose your cursor control, then you can use SendWindowMessage or SimulateType, where SimulateType is faster but doesn’t support hotkeys.

If you want to type “Test” in a textbox and after that you want Enter.

like , “Test[k(enter)]” then SendWindowMessage will work but in simultatetype it wil take it as
“[k(enter)]”. It will not enter it instead it will write it as text.

In short, SimelateClick doesn’t support HotKeys. But it is fater.


This is what in general those two properties describes

But with type into activity they play their roles differently
–Simulate Type, can be used only when we are not mentioning any vb method of send hot keys with input in the Type into activity like [K(enter)] or [K(tab)] or any other keys
the reason is this keys will get converted as string and will be typed as such, as a string along with the input that we have mentioned. or else this is the FASTEST WAY OF PASSING INPUT TO A FIELD, BUT IT SHOULD BE USED ONLY WHEN NO HOTKEYS ARE PASSED ALONG WITH THE INPUT STRING
So to handle this we need to use SEND WINDOW MESSAGE Activity
–Send window message activity plays a major role here, this can be used when WE PASS ANY HOTKEYS WITH THE STRING INPUT as this hotkeys will be considered as a HOT KEY NOT AS STRING.

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