Activity 'Type Into' not typing the entire wording

Hi guys, I am facing an issue that is when my robot executes the “Type Into” activity with SendWindowMessage checked, sometimes it won’t type the whole sentence. With StimulateType checked is even worse, any idea how to ensure the robot type the full sentence? By the way, my robot is an unattended robot, so it needs to run in the background. Thanks!



Please put some delay.

Try with Set Text Activity.

use wait for ready = complete and use some delay of 2s

In that case pass the same input string to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity
—then use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v which will paste the input string from clipboard to that field
It’s more like how we copy paste a value to a field

Cheers @sam.lee


@Palaniyappan Set To Clipboard cannot be execute while the robot running in the background. It will hit error

No it would run in background as well
Kindly try this and let know pls
Cheers @sam.lee

@Sreelatha278 Nope, it won’t work with Set Text

@Palaniyappan I just tried to run it in the background, it prompt me this error


Have you checked ClickBeforeTyping option in properties of Type Into activity or not ?

As input
Cheers @sam.lee

Still the same, as long the project execute in the background then it will faulted, if it run in the UI then it can be done. @Palaniyappan

No I didn’t, the problem now is that sometimes the robot types perfectly but sometimes it doesn’t. Is it because I’m using community version?


Check ClickBeforeTyping option and and also set DelayBetweenKeys to 50 and then try once.

I afraid 50 will be too slow isn’t it ? @lakshman


It’s 50 milliseconds. Its ok and not much difference i guess.

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ok @lakshman, will try it out and monitor. Thanks!!

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Kindly recreate the same SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and assign the variable with .ToString
Or if you want to go for DelayBetweenKeys
Set it with value around 3000 milliseconds
Cheers @sam.lee

@Palaniyappan I already try with .ToString. The workflow will just hit error when running in the background. Cannot use Set To Clipboard


the problem now is that sometimes the robot types perfectly but sometimes it doesn’t.

I suppose the best way is pasting whole string into the field but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason.
So I’ll suggest workaround as the following.

  1. Input your string data using Type Into activity.
  2. Then get the data you input using Get Text and compare with your string data.
  3. If not same, retry input your data like the following image. Note to input data with empty field option.