I am having one website , i am using TYPE INTO activity in website

Type into values get from excel sheet - read the values in the excel sheet correct

and then highlight the typeinto field in ui also correct but value is not typing in ui field anyone help how to resolve it


Try to change the properties SendWindowMessages and SimulateType:


Some combination would work on scenarios like yours



Can you please try to see if you have selected either of SimulateType or Send Windows Message?
Also can you check that the selector is correct for the Input field?

What is the exact place where you’re getting any error, or is it completing successfully?

can you check the value is coming from the excel or not and also use click before type into in the properties pannel

Yes it’s coming but field is highlighted but value is not typing

@BHUVAN use “set text activity”. Try and share

Simulate type i am already used , i am using cloud website, what’s the use of send windows message property

I will try and update u wait

Send Windows Message is a type of input method, through which that type into activity would be performed,
Uncheck Simulate and Check Send Windows Message, once.

Ok i will inform u @raja.arslankhan once this work wait

@BHUVAN in most of the cases "Type into not supporting but set text working fine.

Set text activity working only but compared to type into i need more properties like befor typing empty field some properties not there in set text

Could u help me in any other ways pls @raja.arslankhan thanks

@BHUVAN If set activity working fine then you can use send hot key for other properties like “emty field”

All u mentioned correctly only but it’s highlighted but not typing that’s the problem i cross checked debug mode sa well

in Debug mode can you check in the immediate panel whether you’re getting some value or not?

Also as you mentioned if Set Text is working,
send a Type into activity before it with Simulate enabled and empty field property checked. and in the The text send a " "along with backspace key

Can I know why my type into activity not working

Ok i will try it inform to u @adiijaiin thanks

@BHUVAN most of the time portal/application not supporting like drop down select fields

Ok thanks @raja.arslankhan