Unexpected behavior when printing a webpage to a PDF

I’m running into some unexpected behavior when printing a webpage to a PDF.

The bot is able to bring up the print menu by sending the CTRL+P hotkey command and is able to select the PDF printer and also enter the appropriate file path to save the file. The behavior comes after the file is saved - a completely separate “Save print output as” window opens up after the document is already saved - this one from UiPath and not IE.

Is this a behavior that is normal and if so can it be disabled? I don’t need or want UiPath saving a duplicate copy of a document I’ve already saved (I did save the document to see what it was and it is a blank page apparently).

Has anyone run into this before?

@mgeatches Can you share a couple of screen shots to help us visualize what is happening?

Sure, when I save the document I get the expected Save Window:

But once it’s saved I get a second window that looks like it is coming from UiPath and not from Windows:

I’m not sure why this is happening and I’d like it to not.


Anyone seen this before?

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@mgeatches Sorry. I was on vacation.

Can you share your code (or some of it)?

I can’t share the actual xaml but I made a mirror of it with dummy info. The dummy is using the latest version of community, the one I’m having issues with is 2019.4.2 if it makes any difference. Main.xaml (10.2 KB)


@sagacity have you had a chance to check the xaml?

@mgeatches I could not get it to operate. Seems like you recreated your process, which wont help with troubleshooting. Need to see that actual project code (though stripped down if needed) to step through your process and see why/how this other window is popping up.

Based on the example you posted, this will not happen, but, I don’t know how your actual code is trying to accomplish this - there could be some little weird strange thing like an object call or logic that is splitting off that occurs in your code, but would not show when recreating the couple of activities at the heart of the process. Activities leading to/after this block coupled with loops, etc., all could have an unanticipated impact.