Saving a webpage as PDF: Ctrl+p ---> "Save as PDF"


I want to save a report from a website.

However, if I use Ctrl+s to save it, “Webpage, HTML Only”, “Webpage, Single File” and “Webpage, Complete” are the only options. (I tried to add “.pdf” when saving the document but didn’t work)

So I have tried to use Ctrl+p and select “Save as PDF”. But I can’t indicate the Destination button and Save button with Select Item or click activities.

Is there any solutions to the problem I am facing now?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @PeruT

If selectors is not present use image based activities like “click image” to click the drop-down and “select save as PDF” and use “click image” to click “save botton”.

And use everything inside “attach window” as it is seperate window.

Thank you doe your instant reply!!

The destination button sometimes shows “Save as PDF” or the printer I recently used.
So UiPath can’t find the “image” when printers names are selected as default. (Click Image would most likely work for the “Save” button, thanks!)

If drop down is changing dunamically use anchor base activity and use find image and indicate Destination as anchor and use click or click image activity in the base and indicate dropdown it will click the dropdown