Printing PDF from PDF application and save to a new path

I am having an issue printing a pdf file to a new pdf copy in a new path using UiPath. When automating the process, it seems that i am unable to use the printing function. It came out with an error:

Print Error

PDF Printing works fine without UiPath. I also tried installing a Printer Activities Package and used the “Print file” activity, came out with another problem similar to this: Unexpected behavior when printing a webpage to a PDF
In this process, i am unable to use the “Click” activity to perform automation to save the pdf file to a new path.

The reason i need to print as another pdf is because some pdfs are protected and by printing it as another pdf remove the security, so I am not able to use the “Managed PDF Password” activity. Hope someone can help!

Hi @Jake_L
welcome to forum, did u need to print the pdf file ? is this ur query?

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR , Yes I need to print the pdf as a new pdf file. Do you know how to do it?