Save or Print Webpage as PDF - When my PDF is of 2 Page its not saving complete data

Hello All,

I am using Print webpage as PDF its working fine when data on PDF is less ie 1 Page data and when sometime data on PDF is of 2 page Bot is saving only the 1 page rest content left. How i fix this issue. Please help me out.


Can you share few sample screenshots?


Does anyone has any solution for this problem pls reply

Dear @Puneet_Singh1

From your screens provided there no issue, but i am not clear on the print, how you are trying to print also let me know if you can show the steps and screens for that?


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Right now site is down so cannot share screenshot i tell you the flow
1- A webpage is open which is having a print button.
2- Click on print button. Print window open there i select Microsoft print to PDF.
3- Save the file to path.
Now here issue is when webpage has 2 page data then system only save 1st page data.
I already selected the All option on print window.

@Puneet_Singh1 When you Click on print and the Print Window Opens up, Is there anything to indicate the Pages that you need, like “All” or 1 ?

Yes and i select the All.

@Puneet_Singh1 When you do it manually does it save all the pages or just one page?

On manually it save one page only.

Thats why i am asking is there any solution how to save full PDF

Does anyone has solution for this. please share with me.

@Puneet_Singh1 Since even manually it doesn’t save the Two pages, it means it’s not an Automation issue, and you might find a solution on other Forums but if you can post the Screenshots of the Printer Setup that opens up when you click Print, some users may have already encountered this and could be able to solve it.

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