Sending Hotkeys To Print HTML

Hi Everyone -

I am fairly new to UiPath and would appreciate the communities help :slight_smile:

My workflow includes searching certain part numbers in a database and printing the screen it displays once it has been searched. I tried doing two hot key activities.

  1. Ctrl & p
  2. Enter

The action is being completed however it is not sending anything to the printer.

If I repeat this workflow manually it works.

Not sure where the underlying issue is here and sincerely appreciate everyone’s input.

If there is a better way of printing please share!

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if you can do it manually the bot should ideally be able to do it. are you getting any specific error message?

Nope - it is flowing through just not sending anything to the printer. Maybe I have to put a time delay?

can you share your main.xaml file?

I will put a screenshot of the Hotkey portion because the rest of the information is work sensitive.

i think adding a time delay between the 2 hotkey activities should do the trick. maybe add a 3-5 seconds delay.