Unattended robot with Oracle ebs forms problem - session is locked

I built robot which works with chrome and Oracle java app. The robot logins to Oracle account in web Oracle then opens java app, runs Oracle forms and next works on it.
The robot works fine in a standard computer or the active session with RDP (when I’m watching it) and everything is ok.
When I moved robot to VM station and try to run from Orchestrator without active session I have a problem.
I’ve been trying to run unattended robot from Orchestrator and every time it ends with error:
“Use Application: Aplikacje Oracle - PROD: Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked.”
I checked every point of sequences and:

  1. Login to web Oracle works fine, so the chrome window works.
  2. The Oracle java form is opened and robot stuck on it and send error.
    The robot can’t open ‘Use Application’ activities - here is a problem.
    Below are screenshots from studio and my processes of UIPath.


What I do?

  1. I tried to run ‘Use Application’ with different settings input mode (hardware, simulate etc.).
  2. Reinstall dot Net, reinstall Studio.
  3. I installed extension of remote work “Microsoft Remote Desktop and Apps”.
  4. I used to activities to bring the Oracle window on front: Get active window, maximize window etc.
  5. I read forum and I have found nothing to use in my case.

I think it is a problem with java app and VM settings but I don’t know what to change.
Please give me any ideas what is going on.

Hi @Leszek_Krukar

Are you using enterprise unattended license?

If you are running an unattended automation in a machine that is locked you should have the Uipath.Service.host.exe in running state

Check that in task manager->Details
If it is not in running state repair the uipath and download it as service mode

Checkout this thread


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Thank you !
It’s working now !

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