Trigger issues: Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked

Hi Team,

I have an issue while triggering unattended bot through orchestrator …Bot is executing successfully when screen is unlocked and active but when i triggered the same bot by locking the screen below error as been displayed
Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked.”

Please let me know if any one have has solution for above query.



Unattended bots are to be run completely without intervntion…

They are not meant to be run while screen is locked or minimized…

Please logout/sign out of the vm…do not shutdown…then the bot would login and perform the tasks…

When the screen is locked bot cannot unlock the screen…so it would fail…

Hope this helps


@Anil_G …Thanks for the response …
But I didn’t connected to any VM…It is in my personal system I am getting this error


Even on your system…locked screen is same…you cannot run on locked screen…

On this you can try is to set login to console as true in your orchestrator robot settings

And also confirm if your robot is installed in servicemode…

To know that you can acheck the services from task manager…

You will see a service host service…if the installation is in service mode



I have some queries

  1. where do we find login to console (Robot) settings.
  2. In task manager it is displaying more no of host service, Can you please share the screenshot to check the host service
  3. Please show the steps to install service mode UiPath studio


  1. You will find them in robot settings page …please check this
    Robot settings

  2. UiPath.Service.Host.exe this is the service name
    Robot Service

  3. From the msi do not select quick installation then you can select service mode
    Installing the Robot