Unattended robot w/o Orchestrator


Am I right to understand that as of today an unattended robot can be set to start via windows scheduler AND is able to perform UI interactions WHILE the session is locked?


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We can schedule the unattended bot with orchestrator and of course it can run when the machine is locked



I’ve had troubles with attended robots not being able to communicate with UI while the session is locked, unattended robots explicitly solve this problem?

UnAttended robots are designed t work in this scenario.

Attended bot as the name implies attended it must have the system opened
While unattended which means it can even run the bot if the system is locked

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Attended Bots require screen to be kept opened Where as unattended does require that. even if the system gets locked, it will work fine.

so if you wanted to perform ui interactions while session is locked,its better to deploy as unattended one

Thanks for the replies!

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