Deplyoing a Robot when not logged in to a machine


I have a couple of questions about Unattended Robot on Orchestrator.
1.Can an Unattended Robot be deployed to a machine without logging in to the machine?
2.Can it also be deployed without first running the UiPath Robot application?

I am currently using UiPath community edition for Studio and Orchestrator. I tried deploying a Development Robot from Orchestrator to a machine without logging on to the machine, and It didn’t work.

Please help.
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Hi wijono
As per my knowledge
Without logging into system how the orchestrator find the ui robot is connected or not.

Otherwise you have to provide your system credentials to orchestrator for active

Hello Naveen, thank you for your quick reply.

So from your answer, if I provide the Orchestrator with system credentials, the robots can login into the the system and perform the robot tasks by its own? In other words, the robots can be run as server RPA?

Hi @wijono_larasati

  1. Yes, as long as the Robot was properly configured to work with Orchestrator (it needs to know the Machine key and the URL from Orchestrator).
  2. It is necessary to configure the Robot first on the target machine, but in general Robot service is taking care of further communication with Orchestrator and as such it should start automatically with your Windows.

So to answer your last question - it is possible to run a job from Orchestrator on an unattended robot without logging in to the machine yourself. Prerequisite for that is that the Robot was properly configured on both the machine (machine key and orchestrator url) and in Orchestrator (credentials).

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Hello @loginerror

Thank you for your answer, you cleared up all of my questions!
One more question, regarding my last question, is it only possible doing so with unattended robot, or we can use attended robot as well?


No, that is indeed the difference between them. Only unattended robot can run from Orchestrator on a locked user session or purely via Orchestrator.

Attended robot cannot run this way.

Okay, I finally get it now.
Thank you very much!!