To enable scheduling of unattended bot

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As I’m using trial version of the Orchestrator and new to UiPath, I’m ignorant of how scheduling works for unattended robots. The scheduling mechanism is perfectly working while the system is on but while the system is logged off the robot fails to run. Can you please provide me a solution of how to overcome this?

My few doubts, Is it because that the system is in sleep mode? Or For each robot there has to be license acquired? Or Only to the single license I can attach multiple robots, if so how?

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You have to use Orchestrator for this…please refer the tutorials.

@skini76 I am using one. I am able to schedule it but it is not working for a system that is locked.

Hi @ReemaPriscilla

Orchestrator should work if you have a proper installation of Enterprise robot service that installs on the machine instead of the user. On top of that, Community Edition does not support the locked screen automation.


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Thank you, I indeed am grateful for your response :slightly_smiling_face:.

UiPath technical support team helped me to resolve the issue. The problem was in the permission given to the user to login locally. It is now working perfectly well when the user is logged off. Also as you mentioned,the problem prevails in Enterprise Edition too that “if the screen is turned off or the system is locked, then the current user session is not cleared and thus the robot may cause some issues.”

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