Attended robot run on orchestrator

I tried running attended robot on orchestrator.
But the robot cannot run, only pending.

Is anything I missed?

And I cannot check the process on uipath assistant.

Hi @jhj3627,

Could you please try to use unattended robot.I am also faced with this kind of behaviour.
@attended robot will run through robot assistant in tray.

Please mark this as solution.If you have any questions let me know.:smile:

Omkar P


Thanks your reply.
But I cannot find the process on assistant too.
Is it possible to check on assistant if I change the robot attended to unattended?

Yes try to unattended.Please let me know if it is working or not

Oh, I got this!
It was a problem of Environment.
The environment of process was different with the environment of robot.
And so Unattended robot can work on assistant and also orchestrator.
And Attended robot can work only on assistant.
I checked the process list on assistant.


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