Unattended robot will work or not

Can I run any unattended process from my mobile orchestrator if my laptop is switched off?

Hi @ydash999, if the unattended robot is configured on your laptop then no. The computer would need to be running in order for the unattended robot to receive the start instruction from orchestrator. In most cases unattended bots live on remote or virtual servers which are always on and ready to receive & run processes


Thankss! So uipath assistant is only an attended bot right?

Hi @ydash999

Yes, It is only an attended one.

These are the steps for Unattended Robot

  • Running long processes or automations without the need of human interaction.
  • Not dependent on users to trigger processes, as they are controlled through Orchestrator.
  • Any machine connected to Orchestrator, usually dedicated machines are used like Remote or Virtual machine

These are the steps for Attended Robot

  • Help individual users with small and repetitive tasks.
  • Processes are triggered by users or specific user events .
  • On the same machine on which the user performs the tasks.

Hope it will helps you


So uipath assistant will also work as unattended robot and must be installed in client machine?

Yes @ydash999 , Its is depending on the Uipath License

Based on the License it will differ
If you buy an Attended it will works in Uipath Assistant
If you buy Unattended License you run on both Uipath Assistant and Orchestrator


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If you have any query related to this topic @ydash999

Got it bro.thanks!!

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