Unattended and attended robots


I’d like to clarify something regarding unattended and attended robots.

I have a business process, which the entire end-to-end process can be automated, and i’d like to deploy the robot on a machine with a specific administrator user.

can I run this process with an attended robot (via the robot tray)?
do I have to you use unattended robot? if so, why is it a must?

i do understand this:
“Attended - operates on the same workstation as a human, to help the user accomplish daily tasks. It is usually triggered by user events. **You cannot start a process from Orchestrator on this type of Robots, and they cannot run under a locked screen. They can be started only from the Robot tray or from the ** Command Prompt **. Attended Robots should only run under human supervision.”

I just don’t understand why can’t i use a fully automated process with an attended robot.

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Type of robot depends on your process.
is your process dependent of a human to take a decision (Some special case, Analyze an answer, Contact someone in other department, etc.)?
If yes, Attended robot
If not, Unattended robot is better for you.

You could use an attended robot if your process runs without human intervention, but You should supervise it. Or if you consider is not needed supervision (Backoffice task for example) you could use unattended robot manage by Orchestrator.

Hi @shachar - If your entire process doesn’t require any human intervention then Unattended BOT could be more useful else it would be Attended BOT. This involves the Cost Factor of both the BOTs Attended and Unattended + Orchestrator.

Hence you need to take a call accordingly as per your requirement and cost benefit involved in that process automation.


Buddy @shachar

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this helped me a lot to know the difference between the attended and unatteded robots buddy,
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  1. Buddy usually robot tray is used to run the bot which is connected to a orchestrator and its one of the method to run a job in orchestrator and other two methods are running manually from orchestrator and setting a schedule in the orchestrator. While coming to attended robots, you can see down in the image that it can give only the log reports to the orchestrator from robot to server, while server in turn cannot be used to run the attended robot by any of the method as i said above…so applies to this as well, though you can run the bot published from tray, you can see only the logs of the process buddy
    secondly, yes ofcourse buddy we need unattended bot and that will give us the full taste of RPA indeed, you dont have give your eyes while the bot is running, just to click start job or even can be scheduled and no need of human intervention,fully automated…how great that would be…imagine…so its needed at times…probably many times i wuld say, but if you need to pull off with your input at the start or would like to give some governance while the bot is running you can go for attended robots buddy
    HOpe this would help you buddy

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@asesor-rpa, Thank you for the quick respond.

What does it actually mean - supervising the robot?


Hi @AnandKumar26

If the process is running, and the screen wouldn’t get locked the whole time, and there’s no need of human intervention and last- let’s say i don’t need to manage the robot (no need for scheduling) - can I use an attended robot?

I’m also asking to know the cost effectiveness of buying a licence for attended or unattended robot (which cost more, of course).

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@shachar - Unattended BOT is not only for scheduling, it has Version Control, BOT status, Logs, Trigger Job or Process etc… If you are OK, to trigger the process from BOT Tray then of course you can go for attended BOT.

Regarding License Cost, I am not sure about Exact Cost of it however Attended is Cheaper than Unattended. For more information you need to reach out UiPath Sales Team.


any issues still buddy @shachar