Unattended Robot unlicensed status

Hi, I would be glad if someone could help me. I have seen similar topics but they don’t answer my problem.
I have a community version of UiPath which according to what I read gives me possibility to have 2 unattended robots. But there is no possibility of course to have 2 unattended robots on one machine. So my first thought was to create a VM and that’s what I did. I installed again community version there cause it gives me 2 licenses. I even created the same username (cause I read somewhere in forum that it should have the same username). And when I am configurating the second robot on the VM, it has an orange light and stays unlicensed no mater what I do. :frowning:

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Hope you are using Cloud Orchestrator.

If yes then will get 1 Unattended BOT and 2 Attended BOTS licenses only.

Hi, you need to have a look at the licences you have here:
https://cloud.uipath.com/YOUR_NAME/portal_/licensing, then you assign the unattended licences to be able to configure 2 robots.

yes it would show unlicensed, until we create a robot from orchestrator and license it from there,
for that create a machine in orchestrator for that VM Machine and create a robot for that in orchestrator and try connecting

but still we have HIGH DENSITY robots
with which we can run the same process with all Robots in the same time; and also we can run different processes with all Robots in the same time
for more details

Cheers @Danuta.Pezda

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Ah ok, thank you @lakshman . Probably I didn’t catch this detail.

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