Understand Unattended Robot Licence

Hi All,
Im new in UiPath i would like to understand de Unattended Robot Licence.

I Will licence:
-Orchestrator Cloud UiPath
-RPA Developer Named, Cloud Orchestrator
-1 Unattended Robot, Cloud Orchestrator.

Here is my doubt:
A) Licensing one robot, Can i run multiple process at the same time using that robot? or 1 robot can only attend 1 process per time?

Thanks a lot, but im confused with the robot, machine and process relationship.


You can NOT run two processes on the same robot at the same time.

You can run two robots (with two different licenses) on one VM at the same time with different users if VM is properly configured.

Thanks a lot !! very clear !!!
Last question > Can a run multiple process in serial mode with 1 robot, right?

Sure, second process will have Pending status and will start right after previous.

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