1 Unattended Robot on 2 machines


Is it possible to dynamic allocate license 1 unattended robot to machine who required it ? I have defined a few unattended robots
2 on machine X
1 on machine Y

Every robot is available, but when i go to License->Unattended tab i see that one machine have license and second don’t have. So if i run manualy or scheduled process on machine who don’t have active license so every jobs after start have Pending state.

If I disable license on machine who have it, second machine take it and every “Pending” state process are start

So my question is: How can I configure dynamic allocate license 1 unattended robot on two or more machines ? I understand that i can’t used it to run more than 1 processes at same time, but i configured triggered every process to run in other time.

I really would like and i believe that one Robot can work on differents machines without my action.


hi @kilerfcb
Create Several Robot under Keep the same machine
and other thing is since you have 1 unattended license , you cannot activate 2 robot at the same time because when you active one robot your license count will be 100% from orchestrator
so until its disconnect cannot active another one because you have only one license

according to my understanding , for your work i hope if you wanna do like that you have to have attended license is better (if some one need to attend)

If not , you can try to do you entire work in the same robot already connected , if not you have to disconnect the relevant robot in order to connect the other one

Hi @kilerfcb,

Floating Robots

Floating robots enable multiple users to use UiPath Robot on multiple workstations, as the robot is not tied to a specific machine. One user can use UiPath Robot on one machine at a time.
A user changing the workstation requires them to log out of the previously used machine and log into the new one.

for more details

Happy Automations

But everything works fine a few days ago. One robot work on 2 machines (of course in different time). One proces on PC 1 and second proces on PC 2 after first proces. License dynamic move between two machines. Anybody know why it was changed ? There were by any news with changes from UiPath ?

I don’t see possibility to create robot float of type unattended. Only attended and Studio.