Unattended robot doesn't start, UiPath Assistant is working, no error message

Hello, I set up a robot based on this tutorial 🤖 Unattended Robots in UiPath Orchestrator (Full Tutorial) - YouTube

It worked on my personal computer, but when I try to do the same in the company, the robot doesn’t start and is in a pending state forever.

The image is a screenshot from Automation → Jobs. The top row is the process started from UiPath Assistant. It works properly, I stopped it manually.

The bottom process is run from here and never starts.

When clicked on “start a job” the green message “Command sent for: xxxNameOfTheProcesxxx” appears. No error.

Do you notice any issue why it doesn’t work?

Hi @robvesver

Have look on the thread


Thank you for your response. I haven’t found any connection between these 2 topics.

They get errors indicating what is wrong. I did not get any errors.

Hi @robvesver

Check the machine is available for the run and also the check the license


Assistant has nothing to do with unattended automations.

When you are starting the Job, does the Robot you selected have a green check next to it? Also, click the (i) icon for the Pending Job and tell us what it says it’s doing.

When I click on (i) I get this

In Jobs it has “Pending allocation” in User column.

I have done some testing and there maybe be an issue with the assigned machine. Please, can you identify where is a problem from this screenshot?

hi @robvesver

looks like you are trying to run your robot without any license, we have 1 free license and you used it for your personal machine, try to remove your own license and assing it again to the company machine

best regards!