I can not run my unattended Robot

I can not run my unattended Robot .This is the error

Hello @Mohammed_Shehata , Welcome to the forums!

Did you check the Jobs queue under your default Workspace folder? Does it contain any outstanding jobs in Pending status?

If yes, you may have to explicitly Stop or kill them.

The other reason is if your trigger has initiated jobs, the job will run only if the physical machine (or interactive user) is actively connected to the Orchestrator.

Is your machine actively connected?


Listen to what it says. “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”

I still trying what’s pending. But i can not identify what’s wrong ?

i trying with another Robot on another Folder .But the same error:

this is screenschot of my machine on the new folder:

I presume you are doing this for the first time. Therefore, please show the screen shot by going to:

Your workspace folder on the Left
On the right, click Automations
Then select Jobs

You must see list of jobs that are currently lined up for your Robot on this screen. Based on the error message those jobs must have Pending status

now done reason is i must add or assign the all machine for my folder.Big thank you @AndyMenon

Great! You are on your way @Mohammed_Shehata ! :slight_smile:


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Hallo Andy,

the same Problem :slight_smile:

this is the content of pending job details:

Hello @Mohammed_Shehata ,

The Unattended Robot will need solid Windows machine credentials so that the job can be run in Unattended mode. Also make sure that your UnAttended machine is connected to your Workspace folder from UiPath Assistant running on that machine.

Your user has to be configured as follows. In this example, we will consider your administrator account:

Edit this user:

Enable Unattended Robot . Specify the credentials to the machine where the Unattended automation will run:

Optionally, you can configure the Robot to run only one Job at at time as seen at the bottom of the screen:

The next step is you have to enable a runtime so that the bot can use execute the job. For that you have to edit the machine template:

Finally, if you are using a folder other than the default folder, you have to bring the the User + Template under your Modern folder. For this you have to add the template to that folder like so:

Add the machine template to the current modern folder.