Job is not is showing as pending in orchestrator

uipath assistant is connected and licensed, but the job is showing as pending and not running in unattended mode. what could be the problem?

Hi @opkushwaha999

Please have a look at the thread with similar issue.

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Hi @opkushwaha999,

You can check the following to diagnose the issue

  1. Your robot user is busy running some other process in another machine
  2. Your robot is not properly connected to your Orchestrator instance
  3. Your robot user name or passwords is incorrect
  4. Your robot machine does not activate robot host

everything is fine and configured. password should be my machine password re microsoft password?

my host name is correct and all settings are well configured. still showing this issue, dont know what could be the issue

Let us know

  1. If you are using Community edition or Enterprise edition?
  2. Are you using Modern folders or Classic folders?

May be your license I consumed by another robot? Check the licenses page in Orchestrator to confirm this is not the case.

using modern folder and community edition.

i have only one robot and unattended license is allocated to that


When the job is set to pending its mostly above mentioned causes are the reason. Could you show us your license allocation from Orchestrator and your preferences in from your assistant?

In screenshots.

i tried to upload the screenshots , but it is not getting uploaded from a long time like 6-7 hr.