Unattended runtime stuck as "pending"

Hi, we’re migrating a UiPath solution and use NonProduction licenses to test that everything is working before switching over to Production licenses.

I cannot get unattended robots to work and I wonder if this is due us using a NonProduction license. Whenever try to start a job where the user is not already logged in the robot is stuck as “pending”.

This is a high-density setup, log in to console is false, users can connect via RDP and connect with UiPath Assistant, but unattended runtimes never starts.

Is there something else I’m missing?

The pending state is due to the system is not ready to take the run request, as it is a high density robot setup I suggest to check the connection first using normal setup, if that machine is taking the request in single machine connect setup then it would be the server setting that needs to be checked,

Also, even ideally non production license is used for testing unattended robots, so i guess that is not the one which is causing issue


This should not be a problem

I could see there is no machine tagged in the image
Can you please check once in the UiPath assistance whether it is showing Connected and Licensed

If it’s showing as
Connected and Unlicensed

make sure that the robot is created with

  1. Domain
    Unattended robot type

  2. Robot is tagged to a machine

  3. Robot is tagged to the same environment to which the process is tagged

Make sure you have connected as per this doc

Cheers @hal

Thanks for the responses. It seems the problem was with the service. I had to connect it again with: UiRobot.exe connect [–url <Orchestrator_Server_URL> --key <Machine_Key>]

Now I get: “Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.”

By connecting service and adding user to local admins the issues are now resolved.

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