Unattended Floating Robot not licensed

hi, created an ‘unattended floating’ robot.
however, when on VM the UiPath assistant i can connected but it shows as unlicensed as per image below
I have a couple of questions:

  1. If UiPath Assistant installed does that mean Robot service is installed? I think it must be UiPath.Service.Host.exe (ServiceMode) that needs to be installed on VM for unattended., is that correct?
  2. Will it be unlicensed until a process is run with that machine template/robot combination? I.e. a runtime is assigned
  3. Is it unlicensed as perhaps number of runtimes allocated is greater than what is available

Hi @sbell79,
For question 1. It’s correct.
For question 2. It should show connected and licensed to work.
For question 3. It’s should be rather something wrongly configured or you have used all available robot licenses.